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The Bursary Fund was established four years ago by Mr Mickey Chetty, the President of the South African Tamil Federation after it was found that many Tamil children who excelled in academic studies who could not afford the high tuition fees of our Universities and Colleges. Mr Chetty and several Tamil business funded the first bursary fund. The bursaries are outright and were allocated through a criteria set out by the committee.

It has been a trend of the Federation to continue the sterling work undertaken by Mr Chetty and well wishers. This tradition not only continued in KwaZulu-Natal but also other parts of the country. Having been shown the way the Tamil Federation of KwaZulu-Natal followed suit and held three fund raising events to fund the bursaries. The business houses and in particular Tamil businessmen must be commended for their generosity.

Since the launch of this bursary more than 80 children have benefitted, some of whom have already qualified in their respective fields. Thus far more than R500 000 has been awarded.

The bursary is no longer restricted to Tamil children and we have now begun allocating bursaries to children of other linguistic , religious and racial background. Application are received from 1-30 July each year. It is a requirement that the application must be supported by a bonafide organization affiliated to the Tamil Federation of KZN. Bursaries are also allocated for students undertaking cultural studies.

The Federation has also handed over grants to various organizations promoting social development. Each year fund are allocated to organizations undertaking hamper and feeding projects during Deepavali. Food hampers were also provided to several shelters and old age homes during the course of the year.

This year an amount of R15 000 was allocated to the Abuse Desk in Phoenix to assist victims of domestic violence.

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