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History of the Natal Tamil Federation

Extract from Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the South African Tamil Federation held on Sunday, 11 November 1990 at the Sol Namara Hotel Chatsworth Durban

“The President informed the house that a Blue Print with comprehensive details for the position of Directorate of Tamil Affairs indicated a minimum cost of R250 000.00 for a period of five years. It was decided that a special committee be set up to raise the necessary funds.

Mr Gnana Pillay volunteered to head this committee. It was unanimously agreed to appoint Mr. Gnana Pillay as the National Director of Fund Raising. This appointment is to be confirmed in writing. Mr. Gnana Pillay stated that he would co-opt Mr. Anand Moodliar and Mr. Steve Govender and Mrs. Soundari Pillay and others as required onto the committee. Other interested members from Transvaal and Cape Federation were invited to join the committee. Mr. Gnana Pillay stated that he was confident of raising a million rand provided that all organisations in Natal were united under a single umbrella body.

“Thus the seeds were sown”……….

10. Discussions   re: N.T.V.S. & Federation of Organisations in Natal

Mr. Nithiananathan Naidoo, the Chairman of the Clairwood Tamil Institute, in a moving address in Tamil, pleaded for Tamil Unity. He stated that there is a Transvaal Tamil Federation and a Cape Tamil Federation, therefore there was a need to form a Natal Tamil Federation with the N.T.V.S. playing an important role. Mr. Manogaran Perumal, a prominent classical and devotional singer stated that since all organisations in Natal were not affiliated to the N.T.V.S., attempts must be made to create a Natal Tamil Federation comprising of representatives of all organisations in Natal. Mr. ST Moodley, the Secretary of the Merebank Tamil School Society, paid compliments to the N.T.V.S. for work being done but nevertheless also strongly emphasised the need for a Natal Tamil Federation.
 Mr. D Govender and Mr. Thangoo Moodley of Port Elizabeth were of the opinion that in fairness to the views of the organisations represented at this meeting, the Natal Tamil Federation should be formed. Mrs. Saras Padayachee however pointed out that the organisations present at this meeting did not represent the total Tamil community and therefore there was a need to contact all organisations in the entire province to form the Natal Tamil Federation.

Dr. MS Padayachee and the other N.T.V.S. delegates present agreed with the President and the House that the N.T.V.S. and the S.A. Tamil Federation jointly call up a meeting of all organisations in Natal during February 1991 to form the Natal Tamil Federation.   Dr. M.S. Padayachee will liaise with our President early in 1991 to set up structures to put this venture into motion.


MINUTES OF THE General Meeting held on the 27 October 1991 at the Merebank Tamil school society Hall to launch the Natal Tamil Federation and to approve its constitution

            Mr. Sathia Pillay                                                            President SATF
            Dr. Val Moodley                                                             President CTF
            Dr. Len Konar                                                                Chairman Interim Committee
            Mrs. Sarres Padayachee                                                Secretary Interim Committee
            Mr. MV Reddy                                                               Secretary SATF

Plus delegates of 32 organisations and observers as per attendance register.

The meeting commenced at 11H12 with a prayer led by Mrs. MK Moodley. A minute’s silence was held as a mark of respect for all those who passed away.

Mr. MV Rajah, Dr. Naguran, Mr LM Moodley, Mr Ramalinga Reddy and Mr S Pillay

On behalf of the Interim Committee Dr Len Konar extended a cordial and warm welcome to all the delegates and observers. He thanked the members of the Interim Committee and the members of the SATF for their inputs in drafting the Constitution. He stated that he had sent out 150 Notices of the meeting to organisations and temples. The terms of reference of the Interim Committee being duly fulfilled, Dr. Len Konar handed over to the President of the South African Tamil Federation, Mr Sathia Pillay to continue with the meeting.

Mr Sathia Pillay thanked the Interim Committee. He stated that he was very pleased to see so many talented and dedicated Tamils and felt humbled to be in the company of such eminent personalities. He emphasised that the hopes and aspirations of Tamils in Natal depended on a strong Natal Tamil Federation. He paid tribute to the Natal Tamil Vedic Society for their contributions in propagating the Tamil Language, Culture and Religion in Natal prior to the formation of the Natal Tamil Federation. He informed the house that members of the South African Tamil federation have committed themselves to contribute R3000.00 per month for one year towards employing a full time Director to work in Natal with specific duties of consolidating all organisations in Natal.

The following amendments were made to the Constitution.

AIMS AND OBJECTS; Item 5; To give a lead or direction in all matters which the Council considers relevant to the moral, spiritual, educational, social, economic and political advancement of Tamils.
MEMBERSHIP: Item 6.2 All applications for membership shall be subject to the approval of the General Council of the NTF. All unsuccessful applications shall be referred to the SATF for review.

MEMBERSHIP: Item 6.3 Each member organisation in good standing shall send a maximum of five delegates to the Biennial General Meeting and Special General Meeting.

OFFICE-BEARERS: The affairs of the NTF shall be administered by:

      1. President
      2. Minimum of FIVE Vice-Presidents elected from areas outside of the delegated headquarters of the NTF.
      3. Two joint Secretaries
      4. A Treasurer
      5. A Public Relations Officer.

TRUSTEES: SEVEN Trustees to be elected permanently
PATRONS: Five Patrons to be elected permanently
Item 8.3 Office bearers shall be elected at the Biennial General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.



Item 9.2 Two representatives from each delegated area or organisations wntil regional structures are established.

10.1      the General Council shall meet at least twice a year

    1. the Biennial General Meeting shall be held within SIX months of the year end.
    2. Special General Meetings shall be summoned on a requisition signed by a minimum of TEN members or FIVE organisations.


    1. All Biennial, Special General and Council Meetings shall be covered by written notification to all office bearers, Councillors and affiliated organisations.
    2. Duration of Meetings: 12.2.1 Executive Committee Meetings: Three days or by telephone.


Any member (except honorary members) of the Executive or the General Council who absents himself from three consecutive meetings without a written or verbal apology accepted by Council may be deemed to have vacated his position. The Secretary shall write to the respective organisation informing them of the absence of its delegate.


The transaction shall be operated by any two of the following:

      1. the President and either
      2. the treasurer or the Secretary

Assets of the NTF shall be vested in the name of the NTF and controlled by the Trustees.

Unresolved disputes shall be referred to the SATF for review.

Notwithstanding the provisions of clause 23.1, any official, office-bearer or person, whether a member of the NTF or any of its affiliates, who negligently or criminally causes the NTF to suffer any loss or damage of whatever nature, may be held personally responsible by the NTF for the repayment of any such amount.


    1. The assets may be distributed or donated to any institution approved by such a meeting, subject to the approval of two thirds of those present and voting and approval of the SATF.

The amended constitution was duly accepted on the motion of Mr Soobrie Pillay and seconded by Mr C Kuppusamy.

Mr Sathia Pillay was elected as the Electoral Officer as proposed by Dr. Len Konar and seconded by Dr. Val Moodley.


PRESIDENT: Mr Yana Pillay  Dr Len Konar Mr M Anban
Dr MS Padayachee Mr B Govender Mr K Moopanar
(Dr MS Padayachee withdrew from the nomination)
VICE PRESIDENTS: Dr. MS Padayachee  Mr. SG Padayachee Mr. K Pillay
Mr. RS Moodley  Dr. Val Moodley Mr. KS Naicker
Mr. M Anban Mr. Kris Pillay Mr. B Govender
Mr. MS Padayachee  Mr. K Moodley  Mr. M Anban
Mr. M Ramen  Dr. T Naidoo  Mr Yana Pillay
Mr SG Padayachee Mr Ram Naidoo Dr Len Konar
Mr Ramiah Mrs S Padayachee Mr MS Padayachee
Mr K Chinappan Mr A Moodliar    Mr M Anban
  Mr JR Devar  Mr Arnachellam Mr N Naidoo
Mr ST Moodley Mr M Anban  Mrs S Padayachee
JOINT SECRETARIES: Mr MV Reddy  Mr Yana Pillay Mr SG Padayachee
Mrs S Padayachee  Mr Perumal Mr ST Moodley
TREASURER:  Mr Steve Govender     Mr M Anban   Mr Yana Pillay
P.R.O.   Mr Archie Hirasen  Mr Yana Pillay  Mr Steve Govender
EXECUTIVE:    Mr Anand Moodliar    Mr Arnachellam  Mr Steve Govender
Mr Nithia Naidoo Mr Prega Moodley Dr Len Konar
Mr KS Naicker  Mr MS Padayachee Mrs S Padayachee
TRUSTEES: Mr Soobrie Pillay Mr Nithia Naidoo Dr Len Konar
Mr C Kuppusamy Dr Val Moodley Mr SG Padayachee
Mr A Nadasen  Mr K Moopanar Dr MS Padayachee
Mr Balan Govender  Mr JR Devar Mr SG Padayachee
Mr SV Pillay  Dr Val Moodley Mrs S Padayachee
Mr MV (Bobby) Reddy Mr K Chinappan  Mrs MK Moodley
Mr NC Naidoo  Mr Yana Pillay Mr KS Naicker
PATRONS:  Mr K Pillay Mr AS Hirasen Mrs S Padayachee
Prof. Moon Moodley  Dr .Val Moodley  Mr M Anban
Mr CR Moodley Mr V Reddy Mr K Moodley
Mr D Naidoo  Mrs S Padayachee Mrs MK Moodley
Mrs MK Moodley Mr K Moodley  Dr Len Konar



    1. Dr Val Moodley thanked the Natal Tamil Vedic Society for holding up the banner for Tamils over the many decades. He expressed his appreciation to the past and present officials and members of the NTVS for their dedicated services. The formation of the NTF has strengthened the SATF as a truly representative National Body of the Tamils. He congratulated Mr Yana Pillay and his team. Dr Val Moodley conveyed special thanks and appreciation to the Merebank Tamil School society for the use of the premises and for providing refreshments and lunch.
    1. Mr Yana Pillay stated that he felt humbled at being elected the first President of the NTF. He promised that he together with his team will do everything possible to see to that the aims and objects of the NTF are fulfilled. He stated that the NTVS still had an important role to play, more especially in the field of Language, Culture and religion.

The NTF would focus its attention primarily to the economic, political and educational development of the Tamil community.

7.3 Mr Sathia Pillay congratulated the new office bearers of the NTF and wished them well in all its endeavours.

    1.       Mr M Anban moved a vote of thanks to the Chair.

With no further deliberations the meeting concluded with a prayer led by Mr KS Naicker at 14h00


            S PADAYACHEE
Joint Hon Secretaries: NTF

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