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19     03     1990


W e, the SATF, being an integral part of the oppressed majority, first and foremost see ourselves as patriotic South Africans of Tamil Linguistic and cultural persuasion.
W e, wish to emphatically re-affirm our commitment to the achievement of a post Apartheid South Africa enshrining the following values:-
    1. One person, One Vote in a Non-Racial Society.
    2. The right to decent and affordable housing.
    3. Freedom to live where we choose.
    4. Freedom of speech and expression.
    5. An unbiased, compulsory, unitary Education System.
    6. Equality of individual rights before the Law.
    7. The right to equitable social and health services.
    8. The right to freedom of religion and cultural expression.
    9. The right to participate freely in the economy of the country.

To this end, we hereby pledge ourselves to actively work side by side with all progressive organisations committed to the destruction of Apartheid and the achievement of a Non-Racial Democratic and United South Africa where all people can live in peace, harmony and comfort.

The Two resolutions were drawn up by Mr. Krish Naidoo assisted by Mr. Rajakrishnan Pillay, Mr. Nad and others. Accepted on a motion by Mr. S (Marie) Pillay and seconded by Mr. HW Naidoo.

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